About The Vanikiotis Group

The Vanikiotis family has owned and operated restaurants in the Hudson Valley since 1981, beginning with the Palace
Diner in Poughkeepsie. Their properties include the Daily Planet Diner in Lagrangeville and Red Line Diner. They also own Hyde Park Marina, the area’s only protected cove facility.

Daily Planet
1202 Route 55
Lagrangeville, NY 12540
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Hyde Park Marina
31 River Point Rd
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
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“Of all commercial establishments, diners have a degree of public-ness that is hard to match. Like the best of public spaces, they are open and welcoming to almost everyone almost all of the time.  And both the consistency of their presence in a neighborhood and the basic human needs they seek to meet create an invaluable ‘third place’ where crucial connections across social, racial and class lines can be forged, or at least considered.” — Project for Public Spaces

Townsend Plaza
584 Route 9
Fishkill, NY 12524
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